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Change and Analysis of Biomass Pellet Fuel Price in 2018

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    Since the beginning of 2017, the word "biomass particles" has been constantly appearing in Baidu Weibo and other hot searches. On the one hand, its appearance reflects the national attention to the development of new energy, on the other hand, it also reflects the national attitude towards the industry of new energy and biomass particles. It has begun to vigorously build biomass power plants and strictly prohibit some enterprises from using them again. Coal as fuel is replaced by natural gas or biomass particles.
    Biomass pellet fuel is a legendary year in 2017. The whole year is short of raw materials and the price is soaring. It is scheduled to need a deposit because the state has gradually recognized and promoted it. The Northeast China has implemented the straw pellet subsidy. In some areas, biomass power plants have emerged, coal burning is prohibited, and boilers are accelerated. Transformation.

    With the boom of grain market in 2017, a large number of individual households and enterprises began to pour into the industry in early 2018, and grain manufacturers in every region of the country began to grow explosively, especially in Jilin, Heze in Northeast China, Henan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. With the explosive growth of factories, the shortage of raw materials has led to the closure of many individual household granular factories. With this, vicious competition and price reduction have emerged in some areas. Of course, this is a necessary experience in the development of the industry. In particular, we remind some enterprises that are considering entering the industry to do a good job of investigation, surrounding raw materials, particle purchasers, particle producers and so on.
    At the beginning of 2018, the price was on the high side. In the middle of 2018, with the entry of more manufacturers, the price of granules began to fall. In some areas, there was even vicious competition and mutual mortgage prices. Among them, H N province is the most obvious. From autumn to winter, the price of granular industry has obviously shown an upward trend, which is mainly caused by 1. shortage of raw materials 2. increasing demand (some bathhouses, hotels, etc. have started purchasing, some factories have increased heat sources, etc.) 3. regional policy regulation and control, and furnace renovation has been completed in some areas, and purchasing has started.

    Luoyang Building Material Architectural Design and Research Institute actively innovates and takes many measures to comprehensively deal with the greening waste in the area, turning waste into treasure and realizing the maximum comprehensive benefit of urban greening. Greening refuse can be turned into green compost through biomass carbonization rotary kiln.

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