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Hot washing and centrifugal dehydration and thermal analysis

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    "Hot washing + centrifugal dehydration + thermal decomposition" technology is an integrated production technology. The main purpose of this technology is to remove harmless treatment. In the 1980s, Germany, France, the United States and other developed countries mostly used "hot washing + dehydration" technology to treat sludge. With the improvement of treatment requirements, thermal analysis technology was applied to the advanced treatment of sludge in the early 1990s abroad and developed rapidly. Because this technology can recover mineral oil from mud cake, the hydrocarbon content of treated mud can be less than 5 mg/L, which is harmless, and has been widely used. The integrated technology mainly consists of OSMS (mobile sludge cleaning system), OSTP (mobile three-phase separation system) and OSTS (mobile thermal analysis system).
(1) The vehicle-mounted OSMS system goes to the tank area of oil sludge to carry out automatic mechanical thermal cleaning of the tank. The sludge cleaned is separated from oil, water and sludge. The separated water is recycled to clean the tank. The separated oil and sludge are mixed and transported to the OSTP three-phase separation system.
(2) The separated water from the three-phase separation system is returned to the OSMS system for cleaning the oil tank, recovering the separated dirty oil, and sending the mud cake to the thermal analysis equipment for thermal analysis.
(3) The gas generated during thermal decomposition enters the circulating cooling absorption tower for cooling and absorption, and the non-condensable gas is sent to the heating furnace as heating fuel. The dried mud is powdery and is sent to the silo by a screw conveyor for storage.
    The technology adopts "hot washing + centrifugal dehydration" mobile car as the pretreatment process. The main equipments used in the pretreatment process are mobile sludge cleaning system (OSMS) and mobile three-phase separation system (OSTP), which realize automatic mechanical tank cleaning. It has the advantages of stable operation of equipment, safety and environmental protection, good treatment effect, large capacity of bicycle handling, reasonable engineering investment and low operation cost. It can recover more than 90% of crude oil and solve the problem of depending on people at present. Potential safety hazards brought about by cleaning tanks have realized the reduction and resource utilization of sludge treatment. The thermal analysis part of the process technology adopts OSTS thermal analysis system, which adopts indirect heating mode, mainly consists of feeding equipment, pyrolysis furnace equipment and oil and gas washing and recovery equipment. The system is equipped with inert gas protection device and dust filter device, which can run safely and environmentally. Non-condensable gas recovery can be used as fuel, saving fuel and protecting the environment. Movable and flexible; the oil content of mud cake after treatment by this system is less than 0.3%, which meets the requirements of "Pollutant Control Standard in Agricultural Sludge" (GB4284-84); this technology has been widely used in the innocuous treatment of oil sludge in major oil fields abroad, and has engineering achievements in the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South America and so on. At present, there is no report on its performance in China.

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