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Conditioning centrifugal dehydration Technology

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    The technology of "conditioning + centrifugal dehydration" is mainly used in Daqing Oilfield Oil Production Plant. The sludge treatment station is mobile and fixed, and the fixed station needs to construct sludge pool. The processing scale is 50-150 kt/a, covering an area of more than 9 mu (building a fixed station). Luoyang Building Materials Architectural Design and Research Institute adopts mobile equipment, covering an area of about 120 m2. The treated sludge contains 2% oil and 60% water. The sludge is used for paving roads and paving fields.
    The process mainly includes sludge fluidization and pretreatment, sludge conditioning, mechanical separation and other processes. The oil-water mixture separated by mechanical centrifuge enters the oil-water separator. The oil phase is used as recovery oil. Most of the water phase is used as process water for recycling. The surplus water is pumped to the sewage treatment station. The separated solid is used for paving roads and cushioning fields. The technology of "conditioning and centrifugal dewatering" can recover some crude oil in the sludge and realize the reduction and resource treatment of the sludge to a certain extent. This technology has a long process, a large number of equipment, and needs a large set of sludge collection pools to store the sludge from various sludge production points. It covers a large area and needs to be tempered with chemicals during operation. Because the oil content of the treated sludge cake can only reach 2%, the requirement of incineration treatment can reach 0.3%. Drying incineration is used in Liaohe Oilfield, Xinjiang Oilfield and other heavy oil companies. Drying equipment is manufactured by their own units. The TPH of incinerator is less than 0.3%.

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