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Sand Washing Brick Making

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    "Sand Washing + Brick Making" Technology
    The sludge treatment project of Shengli Gudao Oil Production Plant adopts the technology of sand washing and brick making. The sludge treatment capacity is designed to be 50 kt/a, covering an area of about 20 mu. The manufacturer has made great changes to the original design. The original design of sludge and sand treatment operates under heating and medication conditions. The actual state operates under normal temperature without medication. After washing and dewatering, the sediment is dried to reduce the moisture and oil content in the sediment. The dried sediment is mixed with lime, cement and solidifying agent to make road rotation.
    The principle of sand washing process is to clean the crude oil adsorbed on the surface of sediment by heating and adding chemicals. The main steps are as follows:
(1) Adding oil-bearing mud sand to the separation equipment by conveyor belt or sand washing pump, and starting up the charging pump and air flotation system. Oily mud sand can be separated from oil, mud, sand and water in the separating equipment.
(2) Oil slick in separation equipment is recovered by automatic skimmer, and the initial separated mud and sand enter into secondary and tertiary separators to ensure the treatment effect of mud and sand.
(3) The separated mud and sand are sent to the storage site by conveyor belt, and the sludge is dehydrated by centrifugal separator and then sent to the storage site. The treated sludge is solidified to make bricks by unique mixed-crystal inclusion solidification technology. Sewage separated from mud and sand dewatering is recycled after purification.
    The "sand washing + brick making" process adopted in sludge treatment of Gudao Oil Production Plant has realized reduction, resource utilization and harmless treatment to a certain extent. The project cost is low, but it covers a large area and needs to be equipped with larger sludge collection pools. In the process of sludge treatment, additives, conditioning and multiple separation are needed. There are sales problems in product bricks. Because this technology is mainly aimed at the treatment and development of sludge and sand, it is difficult to apply to the treatment of high sludge content.

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