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Modulation of Oil Sludge in China Present Situation of Mecha

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     In the domestic refinery oil sludge conditioning system, the flocculants commonly used include macromolecule inorganic flocculants such as polyaluminium chloride, polyferric sulfate and macromolecule organic flocculants such as high degree of polymerization of non-ionic, cationic polyacrylamide and other long chain macromolecules. Most units use cationic organic flocculant or organic flocculant and lime together before mechanical dehydration to improve the flocculation and dehydration effect, and eliminate the use of single inorganic flocculant before mechanical dehydration, the treatment effect is different. Mechanical dewatering technology is widely used in sludge pretreatment of refineries in China, mainly belt filter press and centrifuge. The moisture content of dewatered sludge is 75% - 85%. The experimental results show that the sludge conditioning - mechanical dewatering process has been developed maturely in many kinds of oil sludge treatment processes.


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