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Municipal Sludge, A By Product of Sewage Treatment

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     The municipal sludge, a by-product of sewage treatment, has the characteristics of high water content, many organic components, heavy metals and many pathogenic bacteria, which may cause harm to the environment and human health. Sludge heat treatment technology is an important way of sludge treatment and energy utilization, mainly including pyrolysis and incineration technology. Pyrolysis is a process that utilizes the thermal instability of organic matter to heat it under anaerobic conditions to cause thermal cracking of organic matter. The current mainstream thermal technology of industrialization is incineration. However, the pyrolysis process has high energy utilization capacity, such as the generated tar and gas can be reused as fuel, and the product coke can be used as an adsorbent. Therefore, pyrolysis is one of the economically effective methods of sludge resource disposal.

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