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Oil sludge characteristics

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The source of the sludge is different and its composition characteristics are different. Generally, the oil sludge is denser than water, has a high viscosity, and has strong adhesion. It is a viscous black semi-fluid. It is composed of water, oil, sludge and other chemicals. It is a multi-phase system consisting of oil-in-water and water-in-oil. And suspended solids composition, is a multi-phase system, consisting of oil-in-water, water-in-oil and suspended solids, the emulsification phenomenon is serious. The composition and characteristics of sludge from different sources are shown in the table below.

It can be seen from the above table that the main components of oily sludge are oil, water, mud and various chemical agents added during the mining, transportation and refining process. The composition of tank bottom sludge varies widely, with an average of about 25% water and 5% inorganic sediments, such as sediment, and the remaining 70% is hydrocarbons, of which asphaltenes account for 7.8% and paraffin accounts for 6%. The sludge ash content is 4.8%. The United States has analyzed and counted the sludge of 31 storage tanks in different refineries. The oil, water and ash content in the sludge ranged from 1.3% to 95%, 5% to 98% and 0% to 5.5.3%, respectively. between. The composition difference of tank bottom sludge is affected by many aspects: (1) the oil stored in crude oil is different, the sludge deposit amount is different; (2) the general light oil storage tank or low-sulfur crude oil sludge is produced in low amount, paraffin and asphaltene The content is low and the water content is high, while the heavy oil or high-sulfur crude oil storage tank has a high sludge production.

The LCDRI oil sludge processing modular production process device provides a complete set of oil sludge ecological treatment solutions. The whole process can be used for gas phase, liquid phase and solid phase without leakage, no emission and complete recycling. It is a scientific environmental protection process. The process device realizes three-phase separation of sludge water. Skid-mounted design, 20-foot standard container combination, with a specification of 5 cubic meters per hour, 10 cubic meters per hour, meeting the relevant emission standards required by the state.Please contact with us for more details.


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