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Source of oil sludge and emissions

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Oil sludge is a viscous black solid or semi-solid mixture produced during crude oil production, storage, transportation, and crude oil smelting. According to its production source, oil sludge can be divided into floor oil sludge, tank bottom oil sludge and refinery oil sludge.
The oil sludge generated during the oilfield exploration process, the oil well removal process, and the accident oil spill are mixed with the surrounding soil to form a sludge mixture. The bottom of the tank is mainly formed by depositing a small amount of mechanical impurities, sand, and heavy metals in the storage tank during the storage of the oil tank through natural sedimentation at the bottom of the tank. The refinery sludge is produced during the processing of the oily wastewater produced by the crude oil during the refining process, mainly including the grease trap bottom sludge, the flotation tank scum and the remaining activated sludge, referred to as Sanmu.

At present, there is no comprehensive statistical analysis of the amount of sludge produced in China, but its production is huge. According to the survey data, Henan Oilfield produces about 1.8x104t of oil sludge per year, and the accumulated oil and sediment in Daqing District has reached 500x104m3. The storage of oily sludge in Liaohe Oilfield is about 20x104, and it is increasing at a rate of about 5x104t per year, causing serious damage to the surrounding environment influences.
The oil-bearing bottom of the general oil storage tank accounts for about 1%-2.2% of the oil storage volume of the entire oil storage tank, and the clearing tank period is generally 3-5 years. With the continuous increase of China's oil exploitation and the continuous strategic oil storage of the country. Increased, the amount of sludge generated at the bottom of the tank will continue to increase. At the end of the fifteenth, China's oil storage capacity has reached 6000x104t. With a five-year clearing cycle, the amount of sludge at the bottom of the tank will be as high as 1.0-440,000 tons per year. The amount of sludge produced on the ground is also quite large. Generally, the sludge on the ground accounts for about 2% of the total oil production. In 2010, China’s crude oil output has exceeded 200 million tons, and the amount of crude oil produced has reached 400,000 tons, combined with the oily wastewater treatment of the refinery. The three muds and all kinds of sudden accident oil spills, etc., the annual output of oil sludge in China can reach more than one million tons. The resulting sludge is stored in a simple storage due to the limitation of processing capacity.

The LCDRI oil sludge processing modular production process device provides a complete set of oil sludge ecological treatment solutions. The whole process can be used for gas phase, liquid phase and solid phase without leakage, no emission and complete recycling. It is a scientific environmental protection process. The process device realizes three-phase separation of sludge water. Skid-mounted design, 20-foot standard container combination, with a specification of 5 cubic meters per hour, 10 cubic meters per hour, meeting the relevant emission standards required by the state.Please contact with us for more details.


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