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2018-12-05 14:13

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Brand : LCDRI

Type : Cooler

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LCDRI can not only supply the cooler,but also provides design,selection, installation and commissioning for the whole active lime production line
Outlet temperature: 60 ℃
Power: 110 (kW)
Structure: Vertical
Application: lime cooling

Process Description
The cooler is one of the main equipment for quick lime calcining. It is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc and work as the matching facility of rotary kiln.
LCDRI can not only supply the Cooler, but also provides design, selection, installation and commissioning for the whole active lime production line, which will make customers more convenient.
The main purpose of vertical cooler in lime cooling process:
It is based on the need of fast lime calcining & quick lime cooling. The vertical cooler would prevent the lime clinker from reacting. When it out of the kiln under the high temperature after the kiln, it will cause the crystal get bigger, so the activity performance will be changed. It is good for high productivity, fast delivery and storage. Through the rapid conversion of waste heat of material, high quality combustion air is obtained. it makes the cylinder with 3.5% gradient rotate in low speed. The material is feed from the top of cylinder, then it is lifted up, scattered by lifter blade. The cooling material discharges from the low end.


Rotary cooler 
can also be used to cool other powder, granular material. It is with compact structure, high cooling efficiency,reliable performance, strong adaptability.


300000 ton per year compound fertilizer line

Main Equipment:

φ2.6×10m granulator

φ2.8×28m dryer

φ2.4×24m dryer

φ2.2×8m coater

Project Period: it took one and half year from process design,civil construction and equipment debugging.


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